Motivation and Retention of Service Employees.

All in one App.

Managing and retaining service workers is hard. Applause makes it easy.

Applause is a financial incentive app that helps your employees make more money, get paid faster, and be incentivized to do great work.

Tips and Bonuses

Motivate your technicians through customer tips and performance based bonuses.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Financial incentives improve service quality, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Cashing out your tips with Applause is fast and easy. Simply download the Applause mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, login, setup your bank account, and click cash out. This can be done as often as they would like.

When your customer receives the text they will see a message similar to the following:”Hi Chris, this is Brennan with XYZ Company. I am letting you know that I recently completed today's service. Using the link below, could you help me by taking a second to rate how I did today?

Let me know with a stop reply if it isn't okay to ask for feedback.

Each technician will have access to an Applause account via a downloadable mobile app. They can cash out their tips/bonuses to their bank for immediate access to their funds..

When the customer fills out the star ratings within the link, that is considered an "internal" rating, which means that only the service worker (they will receive a text message) and admins (seen in the admin dashboard) of the company will see. After a customer leaves an internal star rating they will be prompted to fill out a public facing Google review. As of right now they are mutually exclusive in the request

Internal ratings are gathered when a consumer selects a 1-5 star rating in the Applause web app (Found Here). These ratings are visible to the company (in the Applause Dashboard) and to the employee (receives a text message) who serviced the consumer. Google reviews are reviews found on a business listing on Google and are visible for the public to see. Applause allows consumers to go directly from the app to Google in order to post this type of reviews.

​Yes, employees can download and use the Applause App in the App Store or Google Play Store in order to see their tip balance, view their ratings, and transfer funds to their bank account.

​Yes, as a manager you have access to the dashboard which will show you all the data in aggregate or at the individual employee level. You can see ratings, tips, customer comments, etc. all in one easy to access location. If you have not received access yet please contact your administrator

Overall all companies in field services, 30% open the text link, 18% leave an internal review, 9% leave a tip.

Cowley’s Pest Services
King Green

I can’t think of a good enough reason not to use Applause. It is an innovative motivation solution for our techs that our industry has been needing."

Andrew B., Operations - Experigreen


Applause is the financial boost of energy you’ve been waiting for.

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