Bell Sensing Technologies

Bell iQ™ Rodent Smart Traps

Integrated Sensor Technology Removes The Guesswork

Bluetooth sensors allow data to be quickly gathered from Bell Sensing Technologies iQ™ devices, synced, and uploaded directly to the PestPac mobile application. Requires no gateways or complicated and costly infrastructure, making it affordable for use at any account.

Streamline Rodent Inspections

Reduce time spent inspecting devices by inspecting and managing only devices with noted activity.

Elevate Customer Experience

Improve your customer’s confidence with data that supports your recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technicians can receive alerts of device activity within 30-100 feet of the beacon and device.

The batteries last approximately two years and cannot be replaced.

We are very pleased with the system and the support we received while setting up. Using the iQ stations at large accounts is a huge time saver. It allows quick and accurate trap inspection and is integrated right into PestPac, making this a perfect fit. Not requiring the use of any other software.”

Josh Bloom, Vice President - Standard Pest Management


Transform your business process through integrated sensor technology and smart traps.

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